Upcoming Zoom Events

  • 11/14 – Craft and Chat Meeting, 7pm-11pm CST
    • Bring your project, snacks, and possibly a beverage (adult or otherwise)
    • Click here to Join The Meeting For increased security, this is not a direct link to the meeting, just to Zoom. Click “Join a meeting” at the top of the page and it will prompt you for the meeting ID. You’ll need the meeting ID below and the password (if you can’t guess it from the hint, email the admin for help.)
    • Meeting ID: 837 4380 1850 Password: (The one-word name of the kingdom hosting this event. With Capitilization)
    • Join by Phone – Meeting ID 837 4380 1850 Password: email admin@calontirclothingchallenge.com to request (Find your local dial-in number here)