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Lady Eilish neé Salé il de Ré

Location: Westumbria, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Eilish: I have been a member of the SCA, Kingdom of Calontir, Shire of Westumbria for about 4 years. Currently I am the Westumbria Herald. Sewing? Long? Oh, let’s see? Since I was old enough to use a needle & thread. (Note that I didn’t say “safely”.) I love historical sewing. To date I have made Roman, Irish, French, Norman, up to the 14th century; then I jump to 1830s Mountain man era, Souix maiden dress, prairie dresses & even some leather breeches; then Civil War hoop dresses, 1880s bustle dresses; & of course mundane from 1970s to present day. This dress will, hopefully be the signature gown for Lady Eilish. It will be a challenge because I love challenges. Especially sewing.

Her Project: I purchased a purple linen, Green Silk w/slubs & a textured white silk at Clothiers a couple of years ago. The dress idea didn’t gel for a while. After researching the following is what I have settled on. The design is completely mine using historical references. It will be made using machine & hand work. 12th century green cotehardie with detachable & reversible sleeves, trimmed with the white textured white. Trim is to be neck, arm cuff, reverse side of bell sleeve, mid calf trim & a tippet. White will eventually be embellished with embroidery & beads. Underdress will be purple linen. (Because there is not enough yardage for the complete long underdress, upper to below hips will be linen & lower will be unbleached linen.) Some aspects may not be historically accurate, ie; detachable/reversible sleeves & using a second color for lower skirt; but I like the ideas. Detachable/reversible sleeves & a tippet will make this dress at least 4 dresses in one.

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Lady Frithuswith inghean Ui Cremthainn

Location: Westumbria, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Frithuswith: I started in the SCA in 1998. My original name chosen was, Anastasia Elgiva Orpett. in the Kingdom of Atenveldt. I moved to Calontir in 2000. I sew most of my garb as it is less expensive. My main skill is embroidery and beadwork. I do some archery, illumination and have just started doing knife throwing. I enjoy watching fighting and other combat activities. It is enjoyable to see the activities that each person is involved in. It sometimes gets me interested in doing more things.

Her Project: I am doing the research now on the dress. I have done one with the help of a friend, who is in the SCA. We did not do much research, but I do believe it is of my time period. My time period is 14th century Ireland. I do not know at the present about the culture of who would have worn it. We found it online on a site that does medieval clothing. I had one, but gave to my friend as it is now to small for me. Therefore, I am going to make another one that will fit. I will embroider the edges of the lining of the sleeves and the collar with the bear that is part of the device of our Shire.