Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

Honoré Corbaut

Location: Okewaite, Lochac

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Honoré: I’ve been in the SCA for a very long time. I’ve mostly been a behind the scenes administrator, with occasional short timeframe bursts of sewing energy. I sew, I knit, I cook. This project is going to be developing a new alternate persona, so I’m diving headfirst into research I either haven’t had time for, or simply haven’t needed to do in the past. I’m trying to use stash fabrics for as much as I can – why not use them? Plus, with shipping the way it is right now, I’m not sure I have time to order from overseas.

Her Project: I’m going to build an outfit for a merchant or upper middle class woman in Prague, circa 1590-1605. I’ve been reviewing a number of extant pieces and some of the few paintings that are from Bohemia at that time. It’s a new idea – new persona – so I’m feeling the pressure I’m putting on myself to get it “right” for the first outing which will be Twelfth Night in Lochac in January. Where it will be very hot. And I’ll be wearing wool. Whoops. My outfit will be fairly stark, as was the fashion in Western Europe at that time. Embellishments will likely take the form of thread wrapped buttons, or possibly some black-on-black embroidery. My fabrics will be of the highest quality permitted for my class and time.

Beginner · Historic Beginner · Historically Focused

John of the Hills

Location: Shire of Okewaite, Lochac

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Beginner

About John: While I have been in the SCA for decades (started 1985) and while I have all the service awards I’ve never received an arts and sciences award. I do not sew regularly and the last time I made any clothing would be many years ago. My sewing skills are barely adequate for making things. A sewing machine has always been what I used to the maximum extent possible. I’m thinking I’ll hand sew this project and the whole project will be quite challenging for me. I’ve been trying to make a pack of playing cards for many years and have some ideas about how to fast track making one while using period techniques. It is about time I have a new outfit and this challenge might get me to make one.

His Project: There is a picture of some Basque soldiers dated 1547 that I came across many years ago that caught my eye. A spear carrier is in an outfit with a lot of red. I like the idea of wearing it. I’m guessing layer 1 is the underwear, Layer 2 is the red floofy shirt and the red and white trousers, Layer 3 is the black pleated top, Layer 4 will be a pack of playing cards. I’ll make the hat too. Possibly the shoes but probably not.