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Alan Smyith of Darkdale

Location: Bois d’Arc

Category/Level: Historically Focuse/Advanced

About Alan: Alan has been in the SCA since 1986. Sewing is a thing that Dale has done since 1965 or so. Alan is afflicted with Craft ADHD and never really knows what shiny project will attract his attention from week to week. I’m tired of my dress-up clothes and need something new befitting my station.

His Project: Something ship’s officer oriented, Mary Rose era, 1545 England.

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Malkin Allardson

Location: Dragonmarch, Artemisia

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Malkin: I have been involved in the SCA for 39 years. I am not a regular seamstress though I do enjoy it. I am a Rapier fighter, a former heavy fighter and an avid Helgaball player. Owen and I recently stepped down from our tenure as Baron and Baroness and we focused the tenure around a nautical theme.

Her Project: I am planning a reproduction of the Magellan portrait from an extant painting. It is a new idea specifically for this competition.

Inspiration Image