Beginner · Modern Beginner · Modern Recreationist

Catherine Collette

Location: Coeur d’Ennui, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Beginner

About Catherine: I’m new to the SCA – I recently relocated from Barony of Axemoor to Coeur d’Ennui in the midst of the pandemic. I had planned to join my more experienced friends in Society for the Gulf Wars, but because of the pandemic, I’m doing my best to be active in the virtual community. I’ve been sewing off-and-on for many years, though until recently, my costumes have generally been on-offs for parades and theatrical performances, where they are not viewed up close and internal construction details aren’t as important. To that end, I’m excited to use this challenge to help me grow my technical skill and explore new historic techniques.

Her Project: My plan is for a completed outfit inspired primarily by the Hounds suit of the circa 1430 Stuttgart playing card deck. These cards reflect upper-class women in Germany (Upper Rhineland) in the early part of the 15th century. The outfit will include a chemise/hemd, gown (with detachable sleeves), and houppelande. In keeping with the playing card depictions, the outfit would likely be similar to that worn by a woman in the Queen’s service. For my fourth layer, I’ll be cooking a historic feast, hopefully using some foraged ingredients. While the outfit is not for a specific activity, as someone new to the SCA who has not yet attended any in-person events due to the pandemic, my goal is to produce a complete set of garb to show to good effect at my first event.

Advanced · Historic Advanced · Historically Focused

Greer Jonsdottir

Location: Barony of Lochmere, Atlantia

Category/Level: Historically Focused, Advanced

About Greer: I have been in the SCA for 28 years. My focus (for which I was inducted into the most noble order of the Laurel just last year) is the skills of german merchant class housewives in the early 16th century. To that end I make baskets, and cheese, and my own laundry starch! I am also a professionally trained seamstress, and I am looking to create a more authentic kit from the skin out. what better opportunity!

Her Project: I want to make an early 16th century Northern German middling class woman’s ensemble. I have done similar outfits, but I want to up my authenticity game 🙂