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Gwendolyn verch Morgaine

Location: Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Gwendolyn: I have been in the SCA off and on since 1996, but I’ve solidly active for the past 12-15 years (I’ve lost count). I’m honored to serve as the Baroness of Three Rivers. I’ve been sewing most of my life. I learned to sew from my father, who sat me on his lap at the sewing machine and made doll clothes with me. I have a BS in Costume History and Design and an MA in Clothing Textiles and Interiors with a focus on Historic clothing and textiles. I’m always looking to push myself with new times, places, and techniques.

Her Project: I will be making a Finnish outfit based on the Eura Grave 56. The grave is believed to be that of a well dressed woman in her 40s and dates from the mid 11th century. I have long been fascinated with the intricate spiral aprons popular in Finland, and decided that this was an opportunity to try my hand at it.

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Lasair nic Taillier

Location: Aston Tor, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern/Intermediate

About Lasair: My name is Lasair nic Taillier. I have been in the SCA off and on for 30 years. My persona is an early period merchant and sheep farmer. Sewing is one of the many crafts that I learned from my mother, although I am confident, I am not an expert nor am I very good at sewing clothing or making patterns. My expertise is in working with wool and strings. I am a Master Spinner (modernly) and an experienced dyer. I love working with all aspects of wool, from the raw fleece to a finished yarn. The challenge for this project will be in the pattern/fitting part. Creating the complete outfit and not being sidetracked before it is finished will also be a challenge. I am by nature a provider of goods, as in I provide yarn for spinning, dyed wool for felting, dyed and skeined silks for embroidery, bands for trim, etc, so to finished a project is a challenge for me, especially when it has many parts.

Her Project: I have been wanting to make a new complete Finnish outfit for a while now. I have made and worn Viking tunics for many years because I prefer the simple early clothing. However, when Mistress Johanne of Fisher Gate introduced me to the Finnish Outfit, I fell in love with the simplicity of the dress and the crafty ornate aprons. The metal ornaments (neck ware and spiral bracelets) are really cool too! I am going to make an Eura type outfit as described in “Ancient Finnish Costumes, by Pirkko-Liisa Lehtosalo-Hilander:Page 53. Fig 37. The Eura costume”. Consisting of an undertunic (linen), the main-dress (wool), a mantel (linen or wool to be deciced), and accessories (to be determined).


The Tencees

Group Members: (clockwise from upper left) Lasair Nic Tallier, Johanne of Fisher Gate, Felar Tallier, Twilleliah nic Tallier,

Location: Aston Tor, Calontir

About the Tencees :We are the nic Tailliuirs of Aston Tor, clan siblings. We have been playing in the SCA for a very long time, Johanne consistently for 25 years, Lasair, Twilleliah, and Felar off and on since 1995. We are all crafty, with each of us having a specialty and a working knowledge of several other crafts. We LOVE a challenge and are using this challenge to see how close we can get to a real Historic outfit.

Their Project : We are going to create a Finnish – Eura costume based on ‘Grave 56’ at Luistari, as detailed in ‘Ancient Finnish Costumes by Suomenkielinen lyhennelma’, pages 45 to 53. We do not have time to spin and weave the fabric, so we are using purchased wool for all the garment layers. The under tunic will be a light weight very dark blue wool, the over dress will be a heaver, light grey wool. The apron will be of the same heaver, light grey wool but will be natural dyed into a nice contrasting color.

Lasair has been wanting to create a mostly accurate Finnish Dress to wear and we are using this challenge to ‘Get er Done’.