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Group Members: Baroness Linnet del Grenewode,

Location: Barony of Carolingia, East

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Actreo: The two of us are a couple who have been in and out of the SCA for years. We heard about the Challenge from people in our local group. We will be making garments that we have wanted to make for a while. The inspiration of this challenge is a gift right now.

Project Update Blog: Crafting Ourselves – An SCA Arts and Sciences Journey

Their Project: We will be making a set of clothes for a high status (Thegn level) man and woman from England in the mid 11th Century. These garments will be based on artwork and writings done in period, as well as fragments from grave finds. We have been researching on this period for a while, but have yet to make a set of historically accurate clothing for the late Anglo Saxon time period. We need a set of court garb, not just pennsic clothes. We will be making for the man a shirt, trousers, tunic and cloak, and for the woman a smock, gown, mantel, and veil, as well as a number of smaller pieces.

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Aethelwynne of Grimfells

Location: The Shire-March of Grimfells

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Aethelwynne: I joined the SCA last February, so I’m still very new! I sew regularly, both for work and for fun, and have been creating historical costumes for about 10 years now. I originally started with Victorian-era costuming, and worked my way back through time to early medieval, which is now my absolute favorite period of history to study. Besides sewing, I also participate in heavy combat and archery with my local group. This project does directly tie in to my persona, a 10th century Anglo-Saxon woman. I think the sewing itself will be easy for me, but the bits I’m hoping to do, specifically the embellishments on the gown and wimple, will definitely be harder as I’m still learning to tablet weave and embroider!

Her Project: I’m planning on making a late 10th-early 11th century, high status Anglo Saxon women’s outfit. It will consist of a plain linen smock/chemise, a green wool gown with pale yellow silk trim, brown wool cloak, and white decorated veil. Due to the inclusion of silk and the color of the wool, and the planned embellishments on the veil, this outfit could have been worn by royalty, high noble status, or wealthy abbesses/nuns. It isn’t based on one specific illumination, but I have taken different image references from “Dress in Anglo-Saxon England” (drawn from sources such as contemporary religious texts and the Bayeux tapestry) and picked various elements as my inspiration. It won’t include heraldry or awards because I have none yet (joined just before all the covid cancellations). This is an outfit I’ve wanted to make for a while; I have a few normal “everyday” gowns that look nice, but I want something extra special to wear to court or have for big events.

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Alan Smyith of Darkdale

Location: Bois d’Arc

Category/Level: Historically Focuse/Advanced

About Alan: Alan has been in the SCA since 1986. Sewing is a thing that Dale has done since 1965 or so. Alan is afflicted with Craft ADHD and never really knows what shiny project will attract his attention from week to week. I’m tired of my dress-up clothes and need something new befitting my station.

His Project: Something ship’s officer oriented, Mary Rose era, 1545 England.

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Alexis MacAlister

Location: Barony of Marcaster, Trimaris

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Alexis: I joined the SCA in 1981. Pennsic X was my second event. My grandmother taught me to sew when I was young. I’m a Laurel in the SCA for Fiber Arts. This challenge ties directly into my persona.

Her Project: My goal is to create an early 16th C. Tudor ensemble for a middle-class seamstress. I have wanted to get back into early 16th C. clothing for a while, as it is my first love in historical period and clothing.

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Amy of Gleann Abhann

Location: Barony of Axemoor, Gleann Abhann

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

Project Update Blog: The Enchanted Tower

About Amy : I dabbled in the SCA back in college, and I’ve been dipping my toes back in over the last year or so. I am very comfortable using a sewing machine on a commercial sewing pattern, but I sew modern and vintage styles more frequently than medieval styles. I have very little experience drafting patterns; hence my hesitation to attempt a cotehardie. I haven’t settled on an SCA persona, or even a name, but this project is going to be a good opportunity to test out 14th century Western Europe.

Her Project: I’m planning to make a middle-class 14th century European woman’s outfit for myself. I’ve wanted a Gothic Fitted Dress/Cotehardie for several years, and this project is going to be my motivation to finally try one! Due to budget constraints – and the fact that this is going to be a wearable muslin – I plan to substitute cotton for linen and wool. My first layer will be a chemise, my second layer will be a fitted kirtle, and my third layer will be a Cotehardie. My accessory will probably be leather shoes as leatherworking is a different discipline and not something I’ve tried before.

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Annora Reyner

Location: Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Annora: My main art focus is costuming. I will be using this challenge to make an outfit I had already planned. This will help provide some outside motivation for me to work on my project and stretch a little.

Her Project: Outfit will be an early Tudor ensemble indicative of the turn of the 16th century showcasing the stylistic change in silhouette. The outer gown will display pleating techniques in the back and have a wrap closure. The hood will be embellished with pearls and spangles as seen in several contemporary tapestries.

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Bartholomew Sharpe

Location: Barony of Bergental , East

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Bartholomew: I have been a member of the SCA for approximately 6 years. I have been involved in other forms of reenacting on and off since I was 13 (23 years or so). My main areas of interest is the material culture of 16th and early 17th century England. I have been sewing seriously for about 5 years. This past year I have been focusing on making completely hand-sewn garments. While I have a good understanding of making the garments I plan to enter, the challenge to me will be in trying to use a number of period techniques that I have only recently learned.

His project: I plan on recreating a complete English middle class men’s outfit from the turn of the 17th century. I am looking to recreate what would have been worn by a yeoman farmer or middle class tradesman in the years 1595-1610. The outfit will be based off of a variety of period artwork, as well as extant garments. It will include: shirt, doublet, hose, and jerkin. I plan on hand sewing the entire outfit. If time allows I may also make a belt, purse or knitted hat to round out the outfit.

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Eadaoin inghean Chionoidha

Location: Barony of Lonely Tower, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Eadaoin: I have been in the SCA since August of 2003, starting in the Canton of Axed Root. I have been sewing for just as long. Until the pandemic, sewing was my day job and is still my side job. I am also an inkle and card weaver and have dabbled in tapestry weaving and bobbin lace. I have done a Tudor kirtle, before, but I have not done this style of over gown, so it will be a new adventure. If I find that I have the fabric for it, I will be doing the more elaborate sleeves, which will be new for me.

Her Project Plans: I will be doing a mid 16th century Tudor outfit based on an engraving of Margaret Tudor. There will be some changes to stay within my limited budget and to utilize material that I already have. There will be a simple linen smock, a wool kirtle, and burgundy over gown with simplified sleeves, as I am not sure that I have the material for the more elaborate ones in the portrait. Patterns will be done by me based on the ones found in The Tudor Tailor.

Advanced · Historic Advanced · Historically Focused

Lady Eilish neé Salé il de Ré

Location: Westumbria, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Eilish: I have been a member of the SCA, Kingdom of Calontir, Shire of Westumbria for about 4 years. Currently I am the Westumbria Herald. Sewing? Long? Oh, let’s see? Since I was old enough to use a needle & thread. (Note that I didn’t say “safely”.) I love historical sewing. To date I have made Roman, Irish, French, Norman, up to the 14th century; then I jump to 1830s Mountain man era, Souix maiden dress, prairie dresses & even some leather breeches; then Civil War hoop dresses, 1880s bustle dresses; & of course mundane from 1970s to present day. This dress will, hopefully be the signature gown for Lady Eilish. It will be a challenge because I love challenges. Especially sewing.

Her Project: I purchased a purple linen, Green Silk w/slubs & a textured white silk at Clothiers a couple of years ago. The dress idea didn’t gel for a while. After researching the following is what I have settled on. The design is completely mine using historical references. It will be made using machine & hand work. 12th century green cotehardie with detachable & reversible sleeves, trimmed with the white textured white. Trim is to be neck, arm cuff, reverse side of bell sleeve, mid calf trim & a tippet. White will eventually be embellished with embroidery & beads. Underdress will be purple linen. (Because there is not enough yardage for the complete long underdress, upper to below hips will be linen & lower will be unbleached linen.) Some aspects may not be historically accurate, ie; detachable/reversible sleeves & using a second color for lower skirt; but I like the ideas. Detachable/reversible sleeves & a tippet will make this dress at least 4 dresses in one.

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Elaisse’s Brood

Group Members: Elaisse de Garrigues, Randulf of Oakheart, Uhtred of Oakheart, and Wulfric of Shyreburne.

Location: Oakheart, Calontir

About Elaisse’s Brood: I have played in the SCA for about ten years (with a long break in the middle as I changed kingdoms), and I hope to use this challenge to draw my family more into my SCA life. The boys (13yo Wulfric and 10yo Randulf) enjoy youth combat, archery, and thrown weapons, as well as blacksmithing and making pottery. My husband, Uhtred, has only been to a handful of events, but has enjoyed Cut and Thrust fighting, brewing mead, and blacksmithing. I am primarily known as a musician and bard, but I am also an experienced costumer and I dabble in a wide variety of arts and sciences. I expect this project to challenge all of us in many ways as we delve into skills that are nearly or entirely new to us.

Their Project: Our goal is to produce items that will better enable our whole family to participate in future SCA events. We plan to create a set of four outfits reminiscent of what might have been worn by upper-class Anglo Saxons in the eleventh century that would be comfortable and practical at a typical SCA camping event. We have wide-ranging and ambitious ideas about various “accessories” that we might attempt. It will be exciting to see which ones we get to and what kind of progress we make. Possibilities include: tooled leather armguards for archery, quivers, arrows, belts, pouches, shoes, mead, cheese, butter, bread or other food, youth combat armor, feast gear, knives and sheaths, a crossbow, an Anglo-Saxon lyre, and an Anglo-Saxon geteld canvas tent. These are all projects that I have intended for us to tackle for some point, and if this challenge provides the impetus to get a few of them done, that will be quite a triumph!