Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

Adelaide Sarsfield

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Adelaide: I began in Ansteorra, took a decade-long break when I had my daughter, and arrived in Calontir around 2012. I enjoy many skills within the SCA, but I am probably best known for sharing those skills with the children of the kingdom, during my time as Kingdom Minister of Youth.

Her Project: I’ve had some lovely fabric that has been begging to become an Italian gown, so I will make a 15th Century Venetian gown. There are a few historical paintings that show a lovely front-laced gown, such as the woman in pink in Ghirlandaio’s Birth of St. John the Baptist.


Iolair Artisans

Group Members: Rose Chapman, Matthew Chapman, Marguerite des Baux, Caitlin inghen Raighne, Giraude Benet

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

About the Iolar Artisans : Caitlin, Giraude, and Marguerite have known each other for well over a decade. Rose and Matthew met Caitlin approximately 10 years ago, and the others in late 2009. They are banding together to make a better set of garb for Rose. Rose and Matthew in particular are stretching themselves on this project by making the chair – Rose is teaching Matthew to weave, and Matthew is teaching Rose woodworking!

Their Project: Rose recently rejoined the SCA after several years on hiatus, and is developing a new persona with all new garb. The clothing we plan to create – a smock, kirtle, and handwoven cloak – would befit the wife of a merchant in 14th century England. The outfit is loosely based on the effigy of Katherine Mortimer, Countess of Warwick, 1369. The chosen accessory will be a Dantesca style chair based on extant examples with handwoven fabric for the back and seat. Stretch goals include a cap of St. Birgitte, a tablet woven belt, and hand embroidery.

Layer 3

14th century English wool cloak. Marguerite des Baux wove fabric by hand on 4 shafts. Rose Chapman constructed the cloak with machine-sewn seams and finished the seams by hand. Rose also embroidered an ivy leaf motif along the front edge of the cloak using a chain stitch. Almost everything went as planned – even matching diagonal stripes on the center back seam! However, the gold thread was a wool/silk blend, while the green and blue threads were 100% wool, and the differential shrinkage that showed up after wet finishing the fabric created uneven selvedges. Rose was able to hide most of the unevenness in the cloak’s seams, but the front edge remains a tad uneven.

Bonus Points

Advanced · Modern Advanced · Modern Recreationist

Rose Wolfden

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Rose: I have been playing in the SCA for about 5 or 6 years. I’ve been sewing for most of my life and have been flat drafting my own patterns for 13 years now. I jump around through crafts however sewing knitting and needle work tend to be my big ones. I dabble with some metal and leather working and really enjoy the puzzle aspect of pulling reference from a painting and recreating it.

Her Project: I plan to make an outfit represented in a Lucas Cranach the Elder painted in 1530 of Judith with the Head of Holofernes. Judith is a jewish heroine who, as a widower, dressed in her finest clothes to seduce Holofernes, an officer who was violent with her fellow citizens. She is dressed in a saxon court gown that is orange and dark green with slashed brustfleck and goldhaube. The specific painting i am planning to represent is housed in the Burrell Collection, Pollok Country Park, Glasgow. This version of the painting has always called to me above any other that he painted in this time, though i may pull from other Judith with the head of Holofernes paintings he did during this time if necessary.


Salty Sewing Strumpets

Group Members: Lady Eibhilin O Beirn, HL Adelaide Sarsfield, HL Ysabel de la Oya, and Lady Sawbina Fahy

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

About : We have known each other for several years, and have had sewing days together a few times. This is the first time where the four of have have worked on one project though.

Their Project: Early 16th Century Italian dress. Pattern from Mediaeval Miscellanea’s PERIOD PATTERN ™ NO.41WOMEN’S ITALIAN RENAISSANCE GOWNS, C. 1470-1505 A.D., will include some heraldry elements.


The Wolf and The Wanderer

Group Members: Rose Wolfden, Thomas Wunderer von Leipzig

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

Thomas and Rose have been married mundanely for 4 years and began playing in the SCA soon after they met. This outfit is planned to go into rotation for heavy fighting when it starts up again. Our focus will be to promote airflow while being protective. Thomas’ journey in the SCA  has been strongly oriented with the heavy fighting scene, but with gentle prodding, this crafting newbie has decided to branch out of his comfort zone to prove himself in a household driven by the belief that A&S is as important to an SCA Journey as fighting is.

Their Project: We plan to make a 16th century arming outfit for use in heavy weapon fighting when it resumes. Base layer will be shirt and socks Layer two will be pants that may or may not be armored. Layer 3 will be a jack of plates and sleeves in a similar style to the jack of plates and layer 4 is going to be at least a pair of boots. There are additional accessories that can be made if time permits. We have testing to do to see what layering pattern works best for Thomas’s fighting style.