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Olena Borisova

Location: Avacal

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Beginner

About Olena: This dress will tie into a new persona I have created for myself. I have been in the Sca for almost 20 years off and on. Have sewn a bit of garb but nothing I would consider spectacular.

Her Project: Recently discovers I enjoy the Tudor period. So I will be making a 1560 ish Tudor period dress. Which will include: black work chemise(underdress)and cuffs, kirtle, dress, false sleeves, and French hood. I have attempted one gown previous to the one planned. But since I cannot work with a pattern only sew by sight I will find it challenging.

Final Photos

Her Final thoughts on her C3 experience:

I enjoyed this challenge. It was my first ever completely hand sewn outfit ever. I am very proud of how it turned out.

Layer 1

The chemise was patterned from the Elizabethan chemise pattern. It is a typical 1500’s underdress to wear under main articles of clothing in order to keep the main layers clean. Women in England and other countries owned a few or many sending on their status and what they could afford. Mine is made out of linen which is historically accurate for this time period. I did have some issues lining up the fires but it worked out in the end. It is completely hand sewn.

Layer 2

My second layer is the kirtle. This was also sewn by hand. Plastic boning was included in the front.

Layer 3

Tudor period overdress. Bodice and sleeves I found were the hardest to construct. Lots of measuring, fitting, measuring, fitting. Next time I would like to work from an actual pattern.

Layer 4

Tudor style necklace. With ribbon closure.

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