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Akilina Ianikitova

Location: Barony of al-Barran, Outlands

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist, Advanced

About Akilina : I’ve been in the SCA for 13 years. I sew, lampwork, throw pottery, cook, metalwork, and am picking up new hobbies all the time. I focus exclusively on kievan Rus’ for myself but do many other areas for folks I sew for. I’ve done stamping before but I still consider myself a novice at it.

Her Project: My goal is to do an early 13th century Kievan rus’ aristocrat ‘Slytherin’ ensemble.

Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

THL Natal’ia Vladimirova ‘doch

Location: Lochac

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Natal’ia: I have been a member of the SCA for over 20 years. I am not the most experienced seamstress in the society, but I know a bit about machine and hand sewing. I know little to nothing about shoes, socks, hats, and making jewelry. But hey, no better time than the present to learn a new skill. You will generally find me in kitchens. I love to cook and my area of specialty is Central Asia and Yuan Dynasty foods and foodways. This project ties directly into my cooking and I am excited to be bringing more of a flare to my normal garb. I am not sure that this is going to be easy, but it will be fun and it will be challenging. But that’s how it should be, right?

Her Project: I will be recreating a Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) Chinese lady’s outfit suitable for a lady of the court or the wife of a higher ranked military leader. These garments are different from the Mongolian overlords and are similar to garments of the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) Dynasties. I am not basing the garments on any one reference, preferring to mix the common elements into my own outfit as if I were in the period. I am making this clothing for an elevation to the Order of the Laurel. It will be important for my ceremony and though it will not display my heraldry or awards outright, there will be nods and hints of them based on Yuan Dynasty practices. I have been looking at the Chinese ethnic Yuan Dynasty clothing for about six months now as I have had to think about what I am able to do, what is accessible in a COVID-19 world, and what I will need to skill up to be able to manage.

Intermediate · Modern Recreationist · Modern Recreationist Intermediate

Ponar’ia Apoloseva

Location: Tir Ysgithr, Atenveldt

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Ponar’ia: I joined the SCA in 2007. Originally I fought rapier until I discovered a tendon issue that made the sport extra dangerous for me to participate in, so I supported those who could fight with water-bearing and marshaling. About 6 years ago a friend discovered I could draw and took me to the Atenveldt Kingdom’s Scriptorium to learn illumination for award scrolls and I was hooked! (I am currently serving as the Deputy Scribe for the Barony of Tir Ysgithr) Some of the women hosting the Kingdom Scriptorium were talented Laurels, who in addition to illumination, also made their own garb and ceremonial garb for the royals. Inspired, I looked into sewing my own garb too. For 5 years, I have sewn maybe two haphazard dresses a year in the 3 months before Estrella War. 2 years ago I started to make a more concerted effort to sew something/anything on the machine on a regular basis in an attempt to tame the fabric horde. My skills have improved a lot, but I am still learning a new thing every other week and struggle to make that first cut into a new bolt of fabric. I will be sewing using modern recreationalist methods as I just learned how to hand sew a hem last Estrella War.

Her Project: My husband needs Mongolian garb. Aiming for styles of the 13th-14th century museum finds such as the ones displayed on this website. From the site above I plan to recreate the long lined caftan using a block printed indigo fabric and the Half sleeved vest in a brown brocade. I am interested in the Gesi leggings but can’t find any additional reference to them, so I am unsure of how they were worn or made so I will turn to an earlier period for a pants reference. The pants I plan to sew will be based on the pants uncovered in the Yanghai graveyard in China’s Tarim Basin, the scientists report (made May 22, 2014 in Quaternary International) describes and gives photo’s of the nomad’s trouser’s being strait legged with a wide reenforced crouch and made of wool. I will attempt to make them out of summer weight wool or cotton twill. (If wool I will probably have to line them for my husband’s comfort & sanity.) While these trousers pre-date the Deel like Caftan & Vest I selected (having been made in the 2nd millennium B.C.) I believe my husband will feel more comfortable in these trousers, than the chap-like Gesi whose underlayer I could not find reference to. I know the Mongols must have worn something between their nether regions and their saddle to become the successful riding culture that they were, but I just can’t find it and my man needs pants. reference for pants; The last layer of complexity will be my first attempt at leather working. I plan to try and cut and assemble a Mongolian style quiver for my husband’s arrows and perhaps a belt to hang the quiver from. I have some varied leather gifted to me and a small collection of pelts that might work toward this venture.

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Porzia Vincenzo

Location: Politarchopolis, Lochac

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced (Display Only)

About Porzia: I was laurelled for clothing in the West nearly 20 years ago. While I’ve never been one for persona, usually you would find me working on something early period. I’ve been wanting to do something new and unfamiliar for a while, and so much of this is new – including the type of resources (and language!) for the resources, the construction, and even seam techniques, so it’s like learning these skills all over again – which is really exciting 🙂

Her Project: My outfit is for a woman in the Castilian Court in the 13th Century. It is based on the excavated Royal tomb materials from 13thC Castile, particularly the Infanta Maria (1235), Eleanor of Castile, Queen Consort (1244) and Infanta Dona Leonor (1275). But it also draws on material from other grave finds in the Panteon Real, and the illustrated manuscripts produced in the court of Alfonso X, as I am not a princess, but a woman of the court, to help make choices. This is not a piece for a specific activity, but a challenge for me. While I have been thinking about it a lot, and done some preliminary tests on construction, this is the chance to put what I have learned together in an outfit for the first time, to work through my research & speculation, and have some teaching materials as a result. One of the things I love about 13thC Spain is that Heraldry is Everywhere, including on clothing, so where I can incorporate that, I plan to – it helps that my heraldry is just stripes!

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Guy Chadwick von Drusselstein

Location: Gorsaf Fford, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Beginner (Display Only)

About Guy: Guy is looking to break out of the box that he’s been in for 30 years. He wants to flex his muscles in new and intriguing ways. To synergize his assets because he knows content is king. He’s recently relocated to Gorsaf Fford from Stumblegimp, Drusselstein, but now he’s ready to make a mark for himself apart from his old squiremate Francois, who everyone liked better and got all the accolades for whatever reason. But that’s all different now!

His Project: Best in Breed 13th century French/English. He’s Display only because he doesn’t want his awesome to melt your face. He’s got fabric. And scissors. And a sewing machine. All the things he needs to destroy Francois at the next event is in his grasp. Not that Francois will know, but Guy will know… and that’s all that matters.