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Group Members: Baroness Linnet del Grenewode,

Location: Barony of Carolingia, East

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Actreo: The two of us are a couple who have been in and out of the SCA for years. We heard about the Challenge from people in our local group. We will be making garments that we have wanted to make for a while. The inspiration of this challenge is a gift right now.

Project Update Blog: Crafting Ourselves – An SCA Arts and Sciences Journey

Their Project: We will be making a set of clothes for a high status (Thegn level) man and woman from England in the mid 11th Century. These garments will be based on artwork and writings done in period, as well as fragments from grave finds. We have been researching on this period for a while, but have yet to make a set of historically accurate clothing for the late Anglo Saxon time period. We need a set of court garb, not just pennsic clothes. We will be making for the man a shirt, trousers, tunic and cloak, and for the woman a smock, gown, mantel, and veil, as well as a number of smaller pieces.

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Aethelwynne of Grimfells

Location: The Shire-March of Grimfells

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Aethelwynne: I joined the SCA last February, so I’m still very new! I sew regularly, both for work and for fun, and have been creating historical costumes for about 10 years now. I originally started with Victorian-era costuming, and worked my way back through time to early medieval, which is now my absolute favorite period of history to study. Besides sewing, I also participate in heavy combat and archery with my local group. This project does directly tie in to my persona, a 10th century Anglo-Saxon woman. I think the sewing itself will be easy for me, but the bits I’m hoping to do, specifically the embellishments on the gown and wimple, will definitely be harder as I’m still learning to tablet weave and embroider!

Her Project: I’m planning on making a late 10th-early 11th century, high status Anglo Saxon women’s outfit. It will consist of a plain linen smock/chemise, a green wool gown with pale yellow silk trim, brown wool cloak, and white decorated veil. Due to the inclusion of silk and the color of the wool, and the planned embellishments on the veil, this outfit could have been worn by royalty, high noble status, or wealthy abbesses/nuns. It isn’t based on one specific illumination, but I have taken different image references from “Dress in Anglo-Saxon England” (drawn from sources such as contemporary religious texts and the Bayeux tapestry) and picked various elements as my inspiration. It won’t include heraldry or awards because I have none yet (joined just before all the covid cancellations). This is an outfit I’ve wanted to make for a while; I have a few normal “everyday” gowns that look nice, but I want something extra special to wear to court or have for big events.

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Aoife inghean Úi Thormaig

Location : Grimfells, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Beginner

About Aoife: I attended my first event in October ’19. I only got to go to one more before Covid. Sewing is new and intimidating. I learned sewing, weaving, and embroidery just so I could fit in with you all. This project will hopefully be the fancy thing I can wear to court. It will not be easy. I’m already freaking out.

Her Project: I am new to the SCA and am making my kit myself because I can’t afford to buy clothes. I am aiming for pre-Norman Irish Celt because all my friends are Vikings. So, 10th-11th century? I’m not a fancy lady, but I do like to look nice. I’m making a pink underdress (I saw a picture of Mary wearing a pink leine once; Book of Kells, maybe) and a red leine with gold-colored trim out of linen. I will also make a red brat out of a cotton fleece I have, and I’ll try to embroider on it the fox that I hope will one day be on my device. I’ll likely weave some trim for some part of this. For the fourth item, maybe a copper cloak pin?

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Birna Isleifsdottir

Location: Barony of Castlemere, Trimaris

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Birna: I’ve been in the SCA for about 40 years. Own and operate an agro educational Icelandic farm in north east florida where we teach leather, wood, metal, and fiber arts. I have until now sewn by machine but have started sewing by hand; pretty ugly still. I have never embroidered. The garb design and initial construction should not be a problem. I have never made shoes before so that will be challenging. Also the trim; although I make the looms and teach the craft, takes many hours to get that much for hems and other pieces so that will be time consuming. I think the hardest for me will be the embroidery since I want to be very elaborate with Norse knot work and other designs in multi colors. This will be directly related to my persona and will be used when I compete at local, kingdom, and IKAC events.

Her Project: This is an archery outfit of my own thoughts. There will be a hood, shooting cap, dress, and apron. There will be hand woven trim; by me, on all the pieces and the dress, hopefully, will have embroidery around the hems and sleeves. I am doing this in a Norse style, early period. I also plan to make a pair of shoes in the Jorvik style and pour a pair of broaches at my forge. Although this is not fashion related I am also tooling a new leather quiver and making a set of period arrows. I am a mid 11th century Icelandic woman who was raised by my father to do everything the men do as well as what the women did around the farm. I fight, loose, do metal and wood, leather, cook, and run our farm.

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Ceara of Novgorod

Location: Falcon Cree, Atlantia

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Ceara: I’ve been in the SCA over 20 years and lived in several Kingdoms. I enjoy sewing and have done it since before I started in the SCA. I came to the SCA with a very modern, very basic sewing background. I’m planning on hand sewing my entire outfit. I’ve previously hand sewn a garment or two, but not an entire outfit. I specifically chose Advanced category because I want to challenge myself and am hoping for feedback on areas I can improve. I’m also a tablet weaver so am planning on making the belt and trim. I have a Rus persona, so I’ve really been looking forward to making one of the Upper Volga Dresses.

Her Project: My outfit is 11th Century Upper Volga Rus, based specifically on the excavations of the Pleshkovo-1 Cemetery. There were over 37 women buried there and, based on the ornamentation at lease some were wealthy/noble women. They were of Slavic with some native Baltic and Finno-Ugrian influences. My outfit will be primarily based on the clothing in barrow’s 57 and 58. I chose the Pleshkovo finds in general because there is a large number of textile fragments for the Upper Volga region, making it easier to select appropriate cloth to make the garments out of. I specifically chose these two Barrows based on the lovely hair ornaments and because I liked the really large temple rings in Barrow 58. I’d like to wear this outfit to virtual Atlantian 12th night, as it’s one of the few times of the year that wool dresses will be comfortable in the South Eastern US.

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Diachbha the Weaver, OL

Location: Carlsby, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Diachbha: I joined the SCA in 1977 at Spinning Winds first event when we were still part of the Middle Kingdom. Except for 3 years in grad school, I have always lived in Calontir. My persona is late 10th c Norse, mostly Jorvik, but I give myself permission to wander Norse areas for inspiration and bling. This is an outfit that I could wear regularly. As I mentioned, I’m designing the coat to wear mundanely as well. I do sew sometimes, but I’m primarily a weaver. The whole outfit will be an interesting challenge. I have never forged anything before, but have made arrangements with a friend for lessons aimed specifically toward making a small blade with a curved handle. He’s psyched and I’m slightly scared.

Her Project: I’ve been itching to make this outfit for a while. It’s in the modern interpretation category because I want to use the coat for everyday wear. Underdress, apron dress, coat, embroidery, fibula, chains with small knife and leather sheath. Inspired by 10 and early 11th century Jorvik finds. Underdress and apron dress of hand-dyed linen. Coat of boiled wool, lined with India painted-calico (cotton). Garments hand sewn. Embroidery of reeled silk (patterns inspired by Danish Norse archeological finds). Fibula and chains from brass and bronze. Knife forged, tempered iron with cow hide sheath. If I have time, additional embellishment with tablet woven band of reeled silk. This type of overall outfit would have been worn by a middle-class householder. The whole outfit is the fancy version, perhaps worn for ceremonies.

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Eleanora d’Arcy

Location: River Haven, Lochac

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Eleanora: This will be my sixth year in the SCA. I grew up sewing and doing various crafts, though had a long break in using them. Am also learning many new skills in the SCA, and want to challenge myself to learn or use new skills for this challenge. This project will tie in with a challenge I have given myself, portraying a series of women through the ages, making outfits as complete as possible including accessories. Materials will have to be largely those already in the stash, due to financial constraints, which will add another level of challenge. This will basically be my main persona’s Saxon Grandmother. Saxon is not something I would have imagined doing when first joining SCA, but will help to round out the range of periods nicely.

Her Project: Anglo Saxon Late tenth to mid eleventh century gentlewoman. Looking at a number of illustrations to pick ideas. I have challenged myself to try to do at least one full outfit for each hundred years after 1000, too late to enter my half complete 12th century outfit, but this will also work well to have an outfit for a partly Saxon themed event I hope to co-steward next year. This will be my main persona’s Saxon Grandmother, circa 1066. Anglo Saxon is something quite new for me, so this will be a huge learning curve.

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Gwendolyn verch Morgaine

Location: Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Gwendolyn: I have been in the SCA off and on since 1996, but I’ve solidly active for the past 12-15 years (I’ve lost count). I’m honored to serve as the Baroness of Three Rivers. I’ve been sewing most of my life. I learned to sew from my father, who sat me on his lap at the sewing machine and made doll clothes with me. I have a BS in Costume History and Design and an MA in Clothing Textiles and Interiors with a focus on Historic clothing and textiles. I’m always looking to push myself with new times, places, and techniques.

Her Project: I will be making a Finnish outfit based on the Eura Grave 56. The grave is believed to be that of a well dressed woman in her 40s and dates from the mid 11th century. I have long been fascinated with the intricate spiral aprons popular in Finland, and decided that this was an opportunity to try my hand at it.

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Hild of Mercia

Location: Barony of Nottinghill Coil, Atlantia

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Beginner

About Hild : I am new to the SCA, having just joined at the start of March and never having been able to attend an in person event. I started sewing around the same time and am hoping to improve my skills. I learned how to embroider when I was younger but have picked the skill back up and am really hoping to improve my skills and apply it to a historical matter. As well is sewing I am interested in wood working, dying, knitting, and getting into rapier when the SCA opens again. This project directly ties into my persona as it is increasing my garb for my persona and allowing me to be more historically accurate than the first set of garb than I first made. This will definitely be a challenge for me because I will be attempting to use historical fabrics (limited by budget) and patterns. Because I am interested in the 10th century a lot of patterns are self drafted, which is a process I am just starting to become familiar with.

Her Project: My plan is to sew a loose kirtle, a gunna (gown) and a coat. The accessory layer is still undetermined but will be a fully embroidered alms purse or slipper-style turnshoes. This will be garb fit for an Anglo-Saxon woman before the Norman Conquest. A Mercian woman in the court of Aethelflaed, the Lady of Mercia, could have been found wearing these pieces. This would have been a more formal outfit meant for court, although the court will be a bit more utilitarian than the rest of the garb since it would have been the woman’s main coat. I am not basing this off of one specific image, but a compilation of images and records that I have found in my research. I am very interested in embroidery and hope to implement this as much a possible in this project. Extant pieces of clothing from the period of Anglo-Saxon England are difficult to find. but illuminations and carvings do show outfits such that I am going to make. This challenge coincides with Atlantian Crown Tourney and is a great motivator for me to complete a new project for this event (if it happens with the plague).

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THL Kathryn MacLuing

Location: Barony of Blackstone Mountain, Æthelmearc

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Kathryn: I joined the Society in 1988, before Æthelmearc was even a Principality of the East. I have been helped start two Shires and my own Barony, served in various Offices for all three plus another Shire, and have been Granted Arms for my Service to the Kingdom. I still remain a student of many things, master of none, but about the only thing I haven’t tried is Martial Combat. I will never be a Laurel, or even a Fleur d’Æthelmearc (grant) for my sewing or art, but all my gowns are my own work, which is simple cotehardies and surcoats I love from 11th Cent design. For my years of experience alone, I will apply for Intermediate, as I am far from a beginner, but mastery is beyond me. This will be a chance to try out a new fiber art, use what skills I do have for sewing, as well as attempt embroidering designs on the planned sleeve trim. Or, I might simply make a few yards of lucet cord and stitch it down. My plans, even at this late date, are still fluid.

Her Project: I am planning an 11th Cent Norman chemise, underdress, and overdress with card-woven belt, as a lady of the manor might have worn in cooler weather. This will not be based off a particular source, but drawn from many. I hope to have it finished for a possible 12th Night next year, or the annual Tournement of the White Hart (and love and beauty) in March. While I am tempted to have it show my awards, I do not think my embroidery is up to doing the AoA and Grant level Service awards for Æthelmearc. I was not planning to make this project, but your Challenge gave me a kick to use some of my stash. Unfortunately, I do not have suitable linen for the chemise, so it will be gold cotton. The underdress will be a cotehardie with fitted sleeves and bodice, of either red or blue linen (still juggling that decision), while the overdress will be a lined bell-sleeved cote with trim of the underdress’s linen on sleeves and hem. I am planning my first-ever Card-woven belt, with gold and red chevrons bordered with blue for my 4th item, and also plan a wimple and hat similar to GoT Olenna Tyrell’s lovely headdresses, in honor of Dame Diana’s passing. Of course, all plans are subject to contact with the enemy, and what I Plan may not be what I get. *sigh*