Volunteer to Judge

We will need judges! Starting in November, we’ll be judging any finished layers which come in. At this time we believe judging will simply be on the presented information/pictures from the entrants, but we are looking at the option of presenting more feedback to those entrants who would want it.

We’ll need judges of all skill levels and interests, so, if you’re willing, please complete the form at the link (preferred) or send me an email at admin@calontirclothingchallenge.com with the below information.

  • SCA Name
  • Your email address
  • Your local group (for non-Calontiri, please include your kingdom)
  • What is your highest level Arts & Sciences award?
  • What kinds of Arts and Sciences skills are you comfortable judging? Are there certain centuries or cultures you’re more comfortable with?
  • We’re still determining how all judging will be done, but, if an entrant would like a feedback session, how are you comfortable providing that?
    • Zoom/Webex/Meet/etc
    • In person (assuming that the pandemic has subsided)
    • Phone Call
    • Email
    • Prefer not to
    • Other?

Access the volunteer form here

Judging Rubrics

For individuals: the rubrics are different between the Historic and Modern categories so that we can prioritize the appropriate sections. Both are out of a total 300 points

For groups: We will split the categories between Historic/Modern if we receive a large number of group entries. If not, all entries will use the same rubric. These are out of 325 total points.