This page provides information on how to complete check ins for the challenge. For more information on the check-in process, when to check in, and basic expectations, please look below the Form link.

Final Check ins are now CLOSED.

Do you need a few extra days to finish? We’re keeping the check in form open (slightly modified) to allow late finishers to submit. Late finishers are competing for bragging rights only, they are not eligible to win any prizes, but we’ll put them on a late finisher page.

Submit a Late-Finisher Check in

  1. When to complete a check in.
    1. Monthly Check In – 11/1, 12/1, 1/1 . Monthly Check-ins may be completed in a 10 day window around the due date to receive bonus points. These check ins are now complete. No further monthly check ins will be accepted.
    2. Layer Check In – For each of the layers when they have been completed. Pictures must be submitted/identified within 24 hours of the check in form being submitted
    3. Final Check in – When your entire project is complete and you are submitting your final composite pictures
  2. How to complete a check in.
    1. Use the handy dandy form! The final check in form allows you to submit up to all five layers, opt in to sponsored challenges, and let us know that your challenge is complete
    2. Email . Include:
      1. Subject Line: Your SCA name and What kind of check in you’re doing (ex.: “Guy Chadwick von Drusselstein, October Check in”)
      2. Your SCA Name
      3. The layer(s) you’re telling us is complete and ready for judging. Extra unjudged accessories should all be labeled as 4+. Each layer explanation should be separate, as they are pasted separately on your profile page.
      4. Tell us about the layer(s) being checked in. If this is a group entry, remember to tell us which members worked on the layer. Keep the narrative to 500 words or less if at all possible (we recommend writing it on a word processor first to help with count) Check the “What to include in the narrative” section for more information.
      5. Optional: Include a final narrative about your project. What did you learn? What would you do differently? What are your future goals? etc. Again, this is completely optional and will be copy/pasted onto your profile page Keep the narrative to 500 words or less if at all possible
      6. List any of the sponsored challenges which your entry will qualify for. (Click here for the sponsored challenge page)
      7. Confirm that your challenge entry is complete.
  3. Submitting Photos.
    1. How to submit : Two options:
      1. Email your pictures to Subject Line: Your SCA name and layer you’re submitting (ex.: “Guy Chadwick von Drusselstein, Layer 3”)
      2. Facebook Album: Select the ‘official’ photos you want to submit. In the notes on the picture, label it with the Layer you’re submitting for (“Layer 2”.) It would also be helpful if you included the picture number (ex: 1/8) but that’s not required.
    2. What to submit
      1. For Layers 1-4: You may submit up to 10 pictures for judging/display. (We didn’t originally have a limit, but there are a lot more of you than we expected and we need to ration our disc space.)
      2. For Additional Layers 4+: You may submit 1-2 pictures of each item. We know your extra stretch projects are AMAZING – but there’s only so much room. We’re focusing on the judged layers.
      3. For final composite pictures: up to 10. These should always feature the model and the clothing made, but may switch out the 4+ layers featured or use different backdrops.
      4. Remember – if you’re taking pictures of a sheer underlayer, it’s perfectly acceptable to take your picture on a dress form, laying flat, or to wear a layer of clothing under the under layer. Let’s keep it G rated, folks.
  4. What to include in the layer narrative:
    1. The basics about the layer. Hit the “Who/What/When/Where/Why/How” of the layer. Did you make substitutions to materials? Why? Did things go according to plan? Why or Why not? Keep the narrative to 500 words or less if at all possible (we recommend writing it on a word processor first to help with count). This should be provided in an easily copy/pasted form.
    2. For Layer 4+ submissions – include all the month’s 4+ submissions in one narrative. Keep it brief, please. Again, we know your extra stretch projects are AMAZING – but there’s only so much room. We’re focusing on the judged layers.
    3. Remember that this challenge neither requires nor encourages traditional documentation. The biggest goal of this challenge is to make an outfit and we want to remove the anxiety that many have about writing documentation. The only time documentation would be advisable is if you are doing something so wacky and strange that you honestly believe it’s something obscure. Anything that is documentation (beyond what’d described above) should be provided in a pdf document which we can attach to your page. We will allow one (1) documentation document per challenge entrant, though length is not monitored (basically, put everything you want to say into one PDF document.)
  5. Final pictures –
    1. You must include at least 1 final composite picture featuring all layers. You may submit up to 10 pictures as ‘final’ pictures.
    2. One picture must include all the layers on the model’s body as they are intended to wear together. The other (up to) 9 pictures may feature other layers so you can show off all you’ve done.
    3. Whenever possible, remove obvious non-medical modernity from the pictures. Your glasses or wheelchair? Totally cool. Your fridge in the background? Rethink that
      1. This isn’t something we’ll nitpick, but we do ask you do your best. SCA-isms are acceptable. Your not-perfectly-period-but-right-general-aesthetic feast gear is fine.
    4. The model, clothes, and items made for/during the challenge period should always be the main focus. You may include that super awesome table and chair set you made last year to set the scene, but it shouldn’t be the primary focus. Judges will be asked to disregard any items which are not listed as a layer completed during the challenge (including 4+.) It great that you have an awesome kit, but we want this to be about this challenge.
    5. Every picture must include the model in at least one layer of clothing. The model should only wear clothing (not counting accessories) made for this challenge. (example: wearing your coronet in the pictures – or that awesome piece of jewelry? Great! Wearing the dress you made yourself last year that you’re really proud of? Not acceptable.)
    6. Feel free to include silly pictures, serious pictures, dramatic pictures, pictures which mirror a period painting or illumination — be creative!
    7. All humans included in the picture must have a release form signed and on file with us. If you need to get a permission signed, email with the name of the additional person and their email address (not YOUR email address. It must be theirs.) It is your responsibility to explain to them why they will be receiving a waiver form from us. The waiver must be on file at the time of your entry. It can take us up to 72 hours to get to emails, so be sure your requests are made well in advance of 1/31.
    8. And – just because we have to say it somewhere – remember that these pictures may be used for recruitment purposes. Keep it tasteful, folx.
  6. Other questions:
    1. The SCA has delayed events until at least June. Does this mean I can have an extension?
      1. Sorry, no extensions will be given for this challenge. We’ve said from the beginning that the challenge is four months long and encouraged entrants to plan for unforeseen occurrences and the holidays because no extensions would be given. It would be unfair to those participants who
    2. I’m not very good at writing. Do I have to write my narrative? Can I just tell you about it on a Zoom call?
      1. So, sorry, that’s a ‘no’ on the Zoom option. We need a written bit for your profile page on this website and I’m not comfortable with writing one for you off a verbal conversation.
      2. BUT! I don’t care if you actually write it or not! Again, there’s no documentation, so there’s no perceived cheating if you tell someone about your project and they make a nice sounding narrative paragraph for you. Totally green light on that.
      3. TLDR: If you have writing anxiety, get you a ghost-writer.
    3. Do I HAVE to check in monthly?
      1. Nope. That’s an option for bonus points. It’s also great for those who work better on mini set deadlines rather than one large one.
    4. Do I HAVE to check in when my layers are done?
      1. Well, no, but you won’t be listed on the winners page if we don’t know you completed the challenge. The layer check ins are how we confirm you’ve completed the challenge
    5. I have facebook/blog posts about my work. Can’t that just count for my check in?
      1. No, sorry. There are more than 130 of you and we can’t keep track of everyone. Please fill out the form or send us an email.
    6. My first layer will only need a couple pictures for it. Could I use the rest of my “10” for that layer on a different layer?
      1. The 10 pictures are per layer, not cumulative. Pick the ones which best show off your layer. Remember, this is online and everything is going to be subjective.
    7. Can you explain the difference between layer 4 and layer 4+ again?
      1. Sure thing! Layer 4 is your official judged item for the challenge. We’ll only judge one thing for the layer, so pick your best accessory for it!
      2. Layer 4+ is for any additional ‘accessories’ you made. Maybe it’s something you wanted to do, but you needed to do a different accessory to fulfill the ‘other discipline’ requirement. You can still show it off and it’ll still be on the website, but we need to use our judges’ time wisely. You may have as many 4+ accessories as you want!