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Update 2/7

Major changes to the site today as we solidly move into Post-C3 territory.

Most importantly, We’ve begun announcing the winners of sponsored prizes. We’ll do a couple a day, to ensure all the winners get some attention. All these prizes are sponsored by folx outside of the C3 admin team, so, if you have questions, please contact them directly.

Today’s announcement: Winner of the Best Beginner Norse Outfit sponsored by Lady Eyvor Halldorsdottir: Jacquette de Brackeleire

Updates to the site:

  • Late Finishers check in form is now closed. We had 0 late finishers check in.
    • Related to this: Removed all the verbiage from the front page about check ins, removed check in link from the menu as neither is needed further.
  • Fixed blog sort glitch which didn’t show entrants pictures on the sort pages. Wish I’d figured that one out sooner. Oh well. Now all the finishers have pictures with their names.
  • Major updates to the top page links
    • Removed check in form
    • Removed Kingdom general entrant sort pages
    • Created finisher sort by level menu
    • Created finisher sort by kingdom Menu
    • Updated the sponsored challenge menu to include the new winners’ page
    • Judging and Bonus Point info moved to ‘misc’ page
  • Created new pages:
  • Updated pages:

I think that’s all for today. Now we’re primarily awaiting judging results to finish wrapping this up.


Update 2/6

A few updates as the C3 winds down:

  • Removed all entrants who didn’t complete any part of the challenge.
  • Prepped all entries for kingdom sort
  • Completed all finisher final photo judging (all done by the admin team.) As judges return their scores, we’ll get closer to announcing winners
  • We’ve received several sponsored prize winners from the the sponsors. We’ll announce in order of receipt a prize a day as a countdown to overall winner announcements.

Updates over the next few days:

  • kingdom sort will be added
  • menus and overall website will be changed to a ‘post-C3’ model, featuring finishers and winners.
  • sponsored prize winner page will be added
  • overall winner page will be added

As a reminder – all entry pages have comments enabled. Feel free to leave comments for the finishers you admire!

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Updates 2/1

The challenge has officially ended. Thank you to all the entrants for your hard work. Judges and sponsors, now we start our work. At this time, all finishers who checked in will have received an email from the admin. If you think you submitted a final check out and didn’t get and email, email us and let us know.

NOTICE – We have extended the check in period to allow late finishers. These folx will be included on a late finishers page, but will not be eligible for prizes. If you would like to know more, go to the Check In Page

Emails have also gone out to those who offered sponsored prizes to let them know those who self-selected as eligible for their prizes. If you are a sponsor and didn’t get an email, please contact us.

Next up – rearranging the website to show winner statistics and arranging judges after the finishers are finalized in 24 hours.


Updates 12/3

  • All those who have checked in through 12/3 at Noon CST should have received a confirmation email. If you didn’t receive one and you think you checked in, please email admin@calontirclothingchallenge.com
  • Created a new menu in the header section so visitors can easily see those who have updated us with completed work! Click “See Completed Work” for the sorts. You may:
    • See entrants who have completed specific layers
    • See entrants who checked in at least one layer by Month
    • See any entrants who have completed the challenge and are Winners
      • (NOTE: There are no extra bonus points for finishing early. Don’t stress out if you’re working along at the layer-a-month rate.)
  • Removed the entry form for the challenge. Challenge entry closed on 11/30
  • Moved the “Challenge Information” page in the top menu to “Misc Other.” It’s still there if someone needs to reference, but it was taking up valuable top menu real estate.


Site Updates 10/6

Another busy day of updates!

  • Added five new individual and one group entrant who has returned release forms
  • Updated pages with newly submitted blog links
  • Alphabetized entrants (by first name for individuals) – should be easier to find yourself, now!
  • Added additional post tags based on entrant explanations of the projects they’ll be doing

That’s it for today. I have new updates planned for tomorrow.