Atlantian Finishers

1/10 Entrants from Atlantia Successfully Completed the C3 Challenge. Congratulations!

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Winners of Special Awards:

Awards were chosen one of two ways. The “Division” winners are a combination of judging scores, bonus points, and final picture scores. The Sponsored prizes (“Best of” awards) were chosen by the person or group who sponsored those awards.

A Little Something Extra

Yuchi Meili


Modern/ Intermediate Division

Third Place

Yuchi Meili


All C3 Finishers

These groups/individuals successfully completed all 4 layers required to finish the Calontir Clothing Challenge. We have included the division in which the challenger was entered as well as their home group.

Guendolen Le Renard



Yuchi Meili

Modern/ Intermediate


Atlantian Partial Finishers

These entrants completed at least one layer during the challenge time period

Ceara of Novgorod

Historic/ Advanced

Falcon’s Cree

Johanna de Bletsho

Historic/ Intermediate

Barony of Stierbach