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Update 2/7

Major changes to the site today as we solidly move into Post-C3 territory.

Most importantly, We’ve begun announcing the winners of sponsored prizes. We’ll do a couple a day, to ensure all the winners get some attention. All these prizes are sponsored by folx outside of the C3 admin team, so, if you have questions, please contact them directly.

Today’s announcement: Winner of the Best Beginner Norse Outfit sponsored by Lady Eyvor Halldorsdottir: Jacquette de Brackeleire

Updates to the site:

  • Late Finishers check in form is now closed. We had 0 late finishers check in.
    • Related to this: Removed all the verbiage from the front page about check ins, removed check in link from the menu as neither is needed further.
  • Fixed blog sort glitch which didn’t show entrants pictures on the sort pages. Wish I’d figured that one out sooner. Oh well. Now all the finishers have pictures with their names.
  • Major updates to the top page links
    • Removed check in form
    • Removed Kingdom general entrant sort pages
    • Created finisher sort by level menu
    • Created finisher sort by kingdom Menu
    • Updated the sponsored challenge menu to include the new winners’ page
    • Judging and Bonus Point info moved to ‘misc’ page
  • Created new pages:
  • Updated pages:

I think that’s all for today. Now we’re primarily awaiting judging results to finish wrapping this up.

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