Survey Available!

We are sending out a quick Survey to help us do two things:

  1. Help us pick a night for the November Zoom crafting chat night
  2. For competing participants, we’ll have you tell us which sponsored challenges you believe you qualify for. This will allow us to add a special tag to your page so the sponsors can easily find their competitors (Good news, display-onlys! Since you opted out, you only have two questions to answer!)

We are asking your name so we can match you with your sponsored challenge answers. If you’re display only, you don’t have to answer 😊. We’ll do our best to match competing participants with their appropriate challenges if you don’t take the survey, but we can’t guarantee it’s correct. If you don’t identify and we leave you out of the running for a sponsored challenge, we won’t take responsibility.

If you’d like to look over the full text of the currently sponsored challenges,  you can do so by going to the sponsors page on the website:

Take the Survey here:

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