Intermediate · Modern Recreationist · Modern Recreationist Intermediate

Ambra Michelli

Location: Trimaris

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Ambra: My first event was in the womb. In that time, I have learned to make sturdy lasting garb – but have opportunities to grow my quality and aesthetic. I am very excited for this challenge. In 2017, I was elevated to the order of the Laurel for my efforts in Written Works and the bardic community, and due service to my kingdom. I come from the shiny days of firelight catching trim, and am looking to step into something more authentic (while maintaining the convenience of my sewing machine – better for my attention span…). I actually have an Italian persona, but my household is Norse, linen breaths, and Trimaris is hot! This will be the perfect wander-by-night Gulf Wars outfit. Ideally.

Her Project: I plan to make a late Norse outfit – under-shift, apron, coat, and accessory. The coat especially is something I have wanted to make for some time. It may include some heraldry. I have not yet decided. It will be based on some historical examples and altered for my personal aesthetic.

Final Photos

Her Final thoughts on her C3 experience:

I’m so very grateful to the Volunteers who ran this competition. I rarely put this much effort into my own carb and this was a joy And a bit of a learning experience. Very excited and looking forward to many more projects that this has inspired.

Layer 1

Beaded and hand embroidered felt applique sleeves – underdress. Turned yolk w machine embroidery and trim. Machine embroidered seams. 
I am hard on my sleeves so did not edge embroider and the overdress will be elongated so no btm adornment would be visible. 

Layer 2

This second layer is a viking Norse Overdressed . It made out of hand-woven light Wool from Afghanistan . The And our roles and I added a bit of trim. In retrospect I don’t like that addition and will remove the trim, but for the purpose of this competition It fits as embroidery a dormant. One final note, normally I embroider the seams however I am going through a weight transition and if I were to add gores it would ruin the dress given the delicate nature of the fabric so I decided not to. The lay of the fabric is lovely And the feel even more so. I love the way this turned out. The straps are attached in the back for convenience but Loose in the front as they would have been And penned to fit . The seams are all Surge and or rolled depending . And the Rocks themselves or the wool fabric Tubed And flipped and then some down.

Layer 3

This Overcoat was an exciting project. The fabric looks well but I think has a little plastic in it I just a little rough on the fingers . It doesn’t feel synthetic but it’s not Soft to the touch. Or scratching the way will can be. So I faced/lined it with a linen canvas Which makes it feel really good against Your skin where it touches . I flipped the sleeves so the edges wouldn’t irritate my wrists And Trimmed around the sleeve matching the bordering trim Of the open neck. I also added some Byzantine trim to the bottom Which was more complicated than I assumed given its thickness. I also use an embroidery pattern Documentable for the Era Down the seams .

Layer 4

The last layer was an accessory. I thought about doing a headdress but in the end decided this outfit needed jewelry. So I created three strands of beads , Careful to ensure they reflected the color scheme, but also contrasted against the brown of the Overdress. I used Norse brooches that I already had To complete the outfit . I’m very happy with this layer’s result.

Bonus Points

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