Advanced · Modern Advanced · Modern Recreationist

Eadaoin inghean Chionoidha

Location: Barony of Lonely Tower, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Eadaoin: I have been in the SCA since August of 2003, starting in the Canton of Axed Root. I have been sewing for just as long. Until the pandemic, sewing was my day job and is still my side job. I am also an inkle and card weaver and have dabbled in tapestry weaving and bobbin lace. I have done a Tudor kirtle, before, but I have not done this style of over gown, so it will be a new adventure. If I find that I have the fabric for it, I will be doing the more elaborate sleeves, which will be new for me.

Her Project Plans: I will be doing a mid 16th century Tudor outfit based on an engraving of Margaret Tudor. There will be some changes to stay within my limited budget and to utilize material that I already have. There will be a simple linen smock, a wool kirtle, and burgundy over gown with simplified sleeves, as I am not sure that I have the material for the more elaborate ones in the portrait. Patterns will be done by me based on the ones found in The Tudor Tailor.

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