Advanced · Historic Advanced · Historically Focused

Lady Eilish neé Salé il de Ré

Location: Westumbria, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

About Eilish: I have been a member of the SCA, Kingdom of Calontir, Shire of Westumbria for about 4 years. Currently I am the Westumbria Herald. Sewing? Long? Oh, let’s see? Since I was old enough to use a needle & thread. (Note that I didn’t say “safely”.) I love historical sewing. To date I have made Roman, Irish, French, Norman, up to the 14th century; then I jump to 1830s Mountain man era, Souix maiden dress, prairie dresses & even some leather breeches; then Civil War hoop dresses, 1880s bustle dresses; & of course mundane from 1970s to present day. This dress will, hopefully be the signature gown for Lady Eilish. It will be a challenge because I love challenges. Especially sewing.

Her Project: I purchased a purple linen, Green Silk w/slubs & a textured white silk at Clothiers a couple of years ago. The dress idea didn’t gel for a while. After researching the following is what I have settled on. The design is completely mine using historical references. It will be made using machine & hand work. 12th century green cotehardie with detachable & reversible sleeves, trimmed with the white textured white. Trim is to be neck, arm cuff, reverse side of bell sleeve, mid calf trim & a tippet. White will eventually be embellished with embroidery & beads. Underdress will be purple linen. (Because there is not enough yardage for the complete long underdress, upper to below hips will be linen & lower will be unbleached linen.) Some aspects may not be historically accurate, ie; detachable/reversible sleeves & using a second color for lower skirt; but I like the ideas. Detachable/reversible sleeves & a tippet will make this dress at least 4 dresses in one.

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