Advanced · Modern Advanced · Modern Recreationist

Fira of Three Rivers

Location: Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Fira: I am a player who has come from another game. I have dabbled in the SCA for a few years, mostly I come around when there’s a feast needing cooked. I am a retired Army cook so feeding people is fun for me. I have 10 years experience sewing and I run an alterations shop out of my home. I have spent the last decade climbing the award ladder and have almost reached peerage in my old game, the outer garment was the design I had planned for my Knighting surcoat. I have chosen to leave that game because of the drama and toxicity and this project is kind of my final farewell piece. This project has the potential to be challenging as I shift my focus from a place of more fantasy to the place of more historical.

Her Project: I plan to make a simple dress, I will figure out something for undergarments (not something I normally do),and a very extraordinary over garment that I have had in mind for quite some time. I haven’t decided if it will be a cote of some kind or a cloak. It will depend on how I combine the designs and how much room I have. I will probably make a belt and pouches out of leather to satisfy the variety rule. It would be more beneficial to make shoes, but the time constraints may be to tight at this point.

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