Intermediate · Modern Recreationist · Modern Recreationist Intermediate

Guendolen Le Renard

Location: Tir-y-don, Atlantia

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Guendolen: Greetings fair folk, I am Guendolen. I’ve been playing off and on in the SCA for about 20 year with a longish break after an unfortunate relationship event. I prefer all sorts of creative endeavors from sewing to belly dancing. I’ve been looking forward to creating this clothing combo for my persona for quite a few years with many, many failed attempts. This time, however, I feel I am ready to take up the challenge – this very challenging challenge. Well met and good tidings to all.

Her Project: The plan is to recreate a twelfth century bliaut, overdress, cloak, and belt and or pouch. I am basing the ensemble from several illuminated pieces that highlight the overdress and several extent pieces for the cloak. It appeared to be something a high born lady would have worn in France at the time my persona would have lived (1140s – 1170s). I have been working up my nerve and my knowledge base to create these pieces and this was just the excuse I needed to jump into it.

Final Photos

Her final thoughts on her C3 experience:

I had a great deal of fun and came out with a complete set of garb for my persona. I call that a win!

Layer 1

Bliaut 12th (mainly 1140-1170) Frankish, female grab, noble class. I used a silk I purchase sewing by hand sewing and machine stitching. Primarily two pieces with four gore inserts. It went together better than I expected. I’d attempted many dry runs before with abysmal results. Guess silk really makes a difference for this style of dress. I dreaded doing the lacing but attaching a separate cord to the dress, making loops for the ties to go through worked out brilliantly. It fits well and frankly I didn’t want to take it off it was so comfortable. The only thing I would change would be to size it down an inch on the sides. I think that would allow the folds to folds along the body to do its thing better.

Layer 2

Overcoat – 12th cent

Layer 3

Cloak – 12th cent half round

Layer 4

Broach- 12th century. Based on a pendent I found online. I sculpted the broach from an oil based clay. I changed the dragon so that it had a fox like head and tail. I panicked a bit at the end because I misplaced the molding compound I was going to use. I got the best I could find at the craft store. I basically rushed the whole casting process. The mold is horrible. I reproduced it with oven hardening clay and then fixed the mold errors(mostly unintentional voids) as best I could. Attached a broach pin, again whatever I could find at the craft store, to the back. The pin worked out better than expected. I plan on fixing the sculpt and recasting once I find my other stuff.

Bonus Points

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