Group · Historically Focused · Intermediate

The Incomplete Sewing Circle

Group Members: Kale Adriane, Melangell merch Mariot, and Caitriona Meehan

Location: Barony of Marcaster, Trimaris

Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About The Incomplete Sewing Circle: We are all members of a Trimarian household who have known each other for 12 years. We have a love of sewing and creating, but are no apt to put ourselves out there. Some one posted this on our kingdom page and Kale talked us all into it. This is all of our first venture into a higher level competition. Kale’s son is in dire need of clothing and we are in dire need of entertainment.

Their Project: 10th century male child clothing. As there are no known child extant findings we will be basing this outfit of adult clothing from Jorvik. It will include pants, tunic, outerwear, and accessories. Fabric will be purchased and all textile pieces will be hand sewn and crafted.

Bonus Points

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