Intermediate · Modern Recreationist · Modern Recreationist Intermediate

Lady Katherine Stewart

Location: Southron Gaard, Lochac

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Katherine: I have been involved in the SCA since 2006. I had 3 young boys who loved anything to do with vikings and knights so when the opportunity came up to go to a tournament we went. Basically we have not stopped. My sons are grown now and 2 have joined the NZ army, but I still love it. I have always loved sewing and making things so it’s my happy place. I am making my entry for a very good friend and it will hopefully be challenging.

Her Project: (undecided)

Final Photos

Her final thoughts on her C3 experience:

Thank you so much for running this! I will be finishing the outfit but not in time. Still want to do the hangerok and coat.

Layer 1

I completed the underwear layer of the Norse outfit I am making. I had to make the pattern first and that meant an afternoon of measuring my model and snacks and chatting. Then I made a mock up from a sheet and we had a fitting, after a couple of tweaks I have completed the chemise. Handsewn and a little embroidery around the neckline.

Layer 2

This month I made the 2nd layer which is the dress/tunic of the viking outfit I am making. I am late getting it done but life has been super busy this month. My model and I have not been able to get together so I don’t have a photo of her in it. will work on it over december. I have hand sewn all the seams and the wool was great to work with.

Layer 4

I made a period style Viking box to put the clothing in. The cutting of the pieces was a little scary but it was done. I made a boo boo with 1 of the nails but it was sorted. (My Knight is a wood worker) I loved plaining to curve on the top but my chesiling needs practice. I would love to make another one.

Bonus Points

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