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Laurence of Grimfells

Location: Grimfells, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Laurence: my persona is a 14th century men at arms and a squire to a noble lord knight, I regularly sew and want to use this challenge to further my skills and test my ability not only as a tailor but as pourpointer. I’ve been fighting for about 7 years and sewing for longer, but only after joining and making my first piece of garb a red wool cotte with 50+ hand made buttons and button holes I dedicated most of my free time to sewing.

His Project: the out fit will be drawing inspiration from late 14 early 15th transitional period, and is of the middle upper class of noble men at arms. I’ll be using several historical images depicting the outfit I will be entering, the middle layer of the outfit will also function as a foundation garment for supporting armor.

Final Photos

His final thoughts on his C3 experience:

iv learnd alot and probably wouldint have done as much and sewing if the challange didnt happen im varry glad i enterd and put my skills to the test

Layer 1

1360-70, English, low noble/man at arms, male, noble/legman/man at arms. The garments were made using historical hand sewing techniques, and materials or there closest modern equivalent. All went fairly quickly, and Id probably make the braes differently.

Layer 2

The second layer is a 14th century pourpoint made of fustian padded with cotton batting, a common garment among young noble men at arms of the second half of the 14th century. And a pair of split wool hosen, also popular among the gentry and a predesoser of the full joined hose of the 15th century. This out fit is popular thought out England France and the Itailian city states. the materals for the poupoint were relitivaly new, as cotton was a recently introduced inport though Italy by way of the meditreraina, and was used as padding as well as weaved with linen flax fibers to create fustian offten used in fighting and some civilian garments. The outfit its self was a reflection of martal prowess and the 14th century of masculin beauty, cinching the waist and pronouncing the chest creating the look of a armored solder withou haveing to incase ones self in a steel harness, even the hose are fited in such away to show the musels of the calves and thigh. I`m quiet pleased with the gament, though if i had to do I had to do it again I would machine quilt the pourpoin to save in time especillay where speed is benifical.

Layer 3

The silk over cotte the fasion layer of this out fit, this garment would be a common dress garment of the late/early 14th and 15th century’s. The garment presented is based off sevrial art pecies showing similar garments, and as to period reconstruted as acuratly as posible using a silk shell and a fuistan lining. Being completly and sewn from start to finish i couldent be more happy with it than i currently am, in a future model i will probably use a stifer under lining and a pattern silk, as well machine sew and hand finish to save time.

Layer 4

A belt is the common acssesory of the medieval person, normally highly decorated with brass bronze or gold to show the persons wealth. Iv used hand cut and emblished brass sheets and a simple buckle i had on hand. In period a nobles belt would be decorated with casted metal fixtures, I used the sheet brass to save time, and in the future i will most likly order casted fixtures for a more authintic look. as well the leather is painted red for my own ease as ordering red leather dye would take too long .

Bonus Points

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