Advanced · Historic Advanced · Historically Focused

Lisette la bergiére

Location: Aethelmarc

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Advanced

Project Update Blog: Maison de Gous

About Lisette: I have been a member of the SCA since 2004, although I did step away for a period of time. I have been sewing since I was a child and really enjoy hand-sewing *most garments. I am also a minister of the lists, a beekeeper, and am beginning to make mead and learn more about baking in period. The project will tie directly into my persona and may be challenging as I will need to draft or re-draft all of the pattern pieces. I have not made this exact style before.

Her Plans: My clothing will focus on an ensemble worn by a lady of nobility attending the French Court in the Early French Renaissance of the Loire Valley, late 1400’s – early 1500’s. I will be using images of Anne of Brittany and Queen Claude and their ladies as inspiration for the outfit. I have recently been narrowing my focus for my personal and have wanted to make a set of clothes for the early Tudor/transitional period (but French!).

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