Beginner · Modern Beginner · Modern Recreationist

Makenzi Dingman

Location: Barony of the lonely tower, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Beginner

About Makenzi: My name is Makenzi. I have not chosen a SCA name. I was introduced through my sister and her husband, Makayla and Tristan Smith. I joined in the spring. I do sew regularly, just not clothing to this extent. Mostly repairs and accessories. I enjoy Archery, and am learning to be a scribe. I am sure this project with provide many challenges. Thank you!

Her Project: I am new to the SCA and wanted to create something nice to wear to my first event when they are able to be held again. I have loved the look of italian dresses for many years and decided to create one for myself.

Final Pictures

Her thoughts on the C3 experience:

This was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot. I can’t wait to do more projects and become for period accurate as I go! It took lots of Blood and Tears. I am thankful for Jorunna for answering all of my questions even though it was hard to explain in text and most of the time I didn’t know how to ask the question without showing her. I am also thankful for my sister, Makaylas knowledge and distant encouragement. Silly pandemic keeping people apart. If not for socially distancing She would have been a great help with sizing and stopping me from making silly mistakes. Even with the struggle, I can’t wait to start again.

Layer 1

My first layer is a modified Chemis. I was unsure how to make it to fit at first and so I pinned it to my size and sewed it. It looks nice and I am happy with it. I have learned since that it would be more time period to add a string and lace it through to fit on the neckline, so next time that’s what I will be doing.

Layer 2

My second layer is a 16th century Italian dress. I used a light green fabric for the skirt and a tough dark green for the bodice. I used hook and eye for the closures and laced the sleeves with a gold ribbon to match my first layer. If I were to change anything, I would modernize it a little more by adding inches and making it more easy to move in.

Layer 3

Layer 3 is a heavy black cloak. I used a fleece layer for the lining to keep warm and a stretchy cotton material to add weight and protection against the elements. It is very warm and blanket like. I cut my fabric into triangles and sewed each together before sewing together the layers. I am very happy with this peice and would even use it in my day to day life.

Layer 4

I make a leather square pouch. I used a white leather I was gifted. I sealed it with beeswax. Which originally stained it yellow. I then dyed it black instead. It was tough to sew together, I would probably use a softer leather next time. I used popsicle sticks, cut and sanded myself until the shape I wanted for the button closure.

Layer 4+

My final layer was a cloth belt. I used left over fabric from my bodice and a gold trim. I am super happy with it and this it gave just the perfect touch.

Bonus Points

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