Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

Malkin Allardson

Location: Dragonmarch, Artemisia

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Malkin: I have been involved in the SCA for 39 years. I am not a regular seamstress though I do enjoy it. I am a Rapier fighter, a former heavy fighter and an avid Helgaball player. Owen and I recently stepped down from our tenure as Baron and Baroness and we focused the tenure around a nautical theme.

Her Project: I am planning a reproduction of the Magellan portrait from an extant painting. It is a new idea specifically for this competition.

Inspiration Image

Final Photos

Her final thoughts on her C3 Experience:
The project started as a Portuguese outfit completely hand sewn.Friend Praxilla was invited to the order of the Laurel and I made the English Gentlemens Full Wardrobe so that he could help on camera for the virtual elevation. I couldn’t do both. I’m still working on Owen’s Portuguese Clothes but not for the C3. The underwear and hat were hand-sewing along with a pair of stockings that would not fit the second set. Patterns were an adaptation of the Margo Anderson pattern series adapted for a man who stands 6’5″ tall. All fabrics were chosen by the recipient except the cloak pin. The stained glass cloak pin was a gift for the recipient for being so cool about the whole thing.

Layer 1

Hand-sewing linen skivvies and undershirt layer. This layer has been delayed because the intended recipient couldn’t decide what kind of cuffs he wanted.

Layer 2

Maroon velvet doublet lined in gold colored cotton . Lining is hand-stitched to emphasize chest and shoulders and deemphasize midsection. Sleeves are straight insert with 18 buttons each sleeve and 14 down the front. Trousers are single flap button’fly

Layer 3

Outerwear. Grey velvet cape lined with black linen and two ‘flat hats’, one lined in gold and the other lined in blue. The hat lined in gold is machine sewn, the hat lined in blue is hand sewn.

Layer 4

3″ diameter cloak/hat pin made using leaded glass techniques in red and gold glass.

Bonus Points

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