Advanced · Historic Advanced · Historically Focused

Lady Marguerite Honoree d’Cheneau

Location: Barony of Storvik, Atlantia

Category/Level: Historically Focused,/Advanced

About Marguerite: In the SCA I am known as Lady Marguerite Honoree d’Cheneau, and serve as Seneschal for the Barony of Storvik in the Kingdom of Atlantia. I have been active in the SCA since 2017. I have a real love for the Renaissance, and especially renaissance clothing – I came to the SCA for the Tudor sewing and stayed for the Italian Renaissance. Building a French gown has been on my bucket list for a long time, but as I got more involved in the SCA I ended up gravitating towards the Italian Renaissance – partly because in Atlantia most of our events happen in warmer weather and Tudor garments tend to lean into the mini-ice-age aesthetic! I’m taking this challenge as a chance to dive back into my roots and lean into that English/Tudor/French Gown look. I expect this to be a reasonable challenge, with a mix of new vs existing skills, with a new-construction-to-me garment. However, it will be building on previous experience especially in regards to fit, finishing, and era – I know the garments well and have been investigating them for some time, I just haven’t built a proper french gown yet. I’m hoping to incorporate some embroidery and hand embellishments as well, time allowing.

Her Project: I plan to build a French Gown along the lines of what would be worn by a noblewoman in England sometime between 1520’s – 1540’s. This will not be based off of a specific portrait, but instead a an amalgam of different portraits from the era, with a few liberties taken for color and fabric as most portraits appear to be either elaborately patterned brocades or dark velvets. I plan to work mainly in silk and may push the color envelope a bit rather than going for patterned fabric. My plans include a square necked smock, with an aspirational goal of doing embroidery & edge detail on that piece akin to what is seen in the extant Anne Boleyn portrait. On top of that will be a kirtle, likely side-lacing, with some beaded or sewn on embellishments and either a contrasting front piece or a pinned-on panel. I will either wear my (pre-existing) farthingale underneath or build a petticoat for some volume. Finally I will construct a French Gown in silk, with tie-on sleeves. I have not yet decided what the fourth/different item will be. My current plan is jewelry to accompany the garment, but that may shift as the challenge continues and my ambitions grow, or time shrinks.

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