Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

Michelle of Harris upon York

Location: Barony of Gryphon’s Lair, Artemisia

Category/Level: Historically Focused, Intermediate

Project Update Blog: Historical Daydreams

About Michelle: My name is THL Michelle of Harris upon York and I’ve been a part of the SCA for about 11 years. My main interests in the A&S arena are sewing and basically any fiber art. When I’m not behind my sewing I can be found embroidering or weaving. I’m a 14th century lesser noblewoman from the York area in dire need of a new wardrobe, and am expecting a challenge since I will hand sew as much as possible

Her Project: I’m going to be making a complete outfit for a 14th century lesser noblewoman, including underdress, kirtle, cotehardie, and a mystery outer layer (seriously, it’s a total mystery to me what I’m going to make). I’m excited that all of the materials being used, down to the thread, are items from my stash. The sleeveless underdress will be white linen, the kirtle light pink linen, and the cotehardie will be a dark gray wool flannel. While the outfit is not based directly on a historical painting, but is more a general look for women of 14th century England. If time allows heraldic details will be added to every layer. This outfit is needed desperately. After having baby #2 none of my garb fits comfortably. A new pattern is going to be drafted on October 1 and hopefully by January 31 this lady will be ready to attend an event in style

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