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Slaine ni Chiarain

Location: Barony of Three Rivers, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Advanced

About Slaine: I’ve been in SCA over 30 years. My persona is 13th century Ireland. I’m a Laurel for research, C&I, and kid stuff (not for sewing). One of my areas of interest is the material culture of childhood in the middle ages and thus I have a nice selection of extent children’s clothing I’ve been meaning to make. I’ve done a lot of basic sewing but later period fitted garments intimidated me. Then I skipped to the 18th century and suddenly the 16th century made more sense. The challenge in making clothing for an 8 year old is getting him to do fittings. I’m okay with fabric parts. I’ve made something similar for my spouse. Working with punches on leather is intimidating. No mistakes. I don’t have much extra leather for the jerkin.

Her Project: The spark of inspiration for this outfit is a small leather jerkin from around 1560 that is on display at the Museum of London. I’ve wanted to make this for some time and right now my 8 year old son is just about the right size (and has zero garb that fits.) This outfit will also need a shirt, doublet, and hose. I’ll have to cast buttons for the jerkin. I’ll make cosplay shoes to complete the look but they won’t be part of judging. I will be negotiating with my model as this is developed and made. He’ll much prefer hose more like slops than the puffier trunk hose. I’ll be making the pieces sturdy and useable by an active child and not just something fancy to wear to court. Think middle class merchant family who can afford one nice piece for a growing kid.

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