Spotted Tygers

Group Members: Ameline qui dosnoie, Brendan Firebow,

Location: Shire of Midland Vale and Crown Province of Ostgardr, East

About the Spotted Tygers : We have known each other for several years now. We are partners in life and look forward to being partners in the competition. Neither of us was confident in being able to do a solo entry, but together we think we can make a good showing. This challenge is going to be about stretching our limits and learning new things, for us. Ameline is good with cloth and fiber, but hopes to try some new skills out for this. Brendan is a skilled leather worker, but is just learning to sew cloth. It is our hope that both of us will be able to showcase our new skills here.

Their Project: We will be creating a 16th century western European men’s courtier outfit. It will consist of undergarments, doublet and trousers, leather jerkin, and some leather accessory. We are still pinpointing the exact place, but changes based on locale are minor. This outfit would be worn by a courtier while at court or otherwise in public. This outfit is based on several paintings, but there is no one painting that is an overall inspiration. We wanted to create a slashed leather jerkin, and we built the rest around that. This idea sort of developed in its own way as we researched for this challenge.

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