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Vincent de Vere

From: Axed Root, Calontir

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Project Update Blog: Stars and Garters

About Vincent: I have been participating in the SCA for about 15 years. I do quite a bit of of basic costuming, especially helping newer members. Beyond sewing I work on a lot of general SCA projects and work on recruitment and retention efforts.

His Project: Mid fourteenth century middle class merchant from Western Europe. This is a commonly represented garment seen in illustrations. I am also working off of the men’s fourteenth century gown from the second edition Medieval Tailors Assistant.

Final Photos

Layer 1

This is the base layer of my attempt for a 1350’s merchant.  It would be a middle class merchant from western Europe.   

Linen Braies: long white linen braies, machine sewn, hand seam finished

Wool Hosen: Machine sewn, hand seam finished

Linen shirt: White linen, machine sewn, hand seam finished

Linen coif: White linen, machine sewn, hand seam finished

Layer 2

The layer consists of the linen doublet. This is an early version of a doublet based on the pattern described in the Medieval Tailor’s Assistant book. I machine sewed the garment with hand finishing and hand done eyelets.

Layer 3

A gown for a merchant from mid 1300’s. The gown is wool lined in linen. It is machine sewn and hand finished. I feel the gown needs to be more full and needs a wider cut.

Layer 4

The Layer 4 accessory is the set of scales. Scales would be a common accessory used by many merchants and trades people through many different time periods. This scale is made out of brass. The chain was purchased. The other raw materials were brass sheet, brass wire and a brass rod. The pans were dished and the balance arms were cut from a rod of brass and shaped using files.

Layer 4+

  • Leather shoes: Machine basting stitch, hand sewn after
  • Leather Coin Pouch: Hand finished
  • Scented body powder: ground orris root and clove body powder
  • Leather garters (x2): Purchased buckles, dyed vegetable tanned leather and hand finished
  • Leather girdle belt for Braies: Purchased bronze buckle, dyed vegetable tanned leather and hand finished
  • Garnet Ring (x2)
  • Garnet Brooch
  • 2 leather belts made from purchased buckles and oak tanned leather
  • A pouch made with a purchased buckle and oak tanned leather
  • Leather gloves
  • Leather shoes
  • wool cloak
  • hat of wool and linen

Bonus Points

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