The Wolf and The Wanderer

Group Members: Rose Wolfden, Thomas Wunderer von Leipzig

Location: Cum an Iolair, Calontir

Thomas and Rose have been married mundanely for 4 years and began playing in the SCA soon after they met. This outfit is planned to go into rotation for heavy fighting when it starts up again. Our focus will be to promote airflow while being protective. Thomas’ journey in the SCA  has been strongly oriented with the heavy fighting scene, but with gentle prodding, this crafting newbie has decided to branch out of his comfort zone to prove himself in a household driven by the belief that A&S is as important to an SCA Journey as fighting is.

Their Project: We plan to make a 16th century arming outfit for use in heavy weapon fighting when it resumes. Base layer will be shirt and socks Layer two will be pants that may or may not be armored. Layer 3 will be a jack of plates and sleeves in a similar style to the jack of plates and layer 4 is going to be at least a pair of boots. There are additional accessories that can be made if time permits. We have testing to do to see what layering pattern works best for Thomas’s fighting style.   

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