Historic Intermediate · Historically Focused · Intermediate

Yehoshua Ben Hayyim HaLevi

Location: Quintavia, East

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Yehoshua : I do like to sew, but recently it has been more mundane stuff. Currently, I am working on a modern dress shirt and waistcoat. I have been in the SCA on and off since about 1992. (Last 10 years mostly off). I started in the Barony of Carolingia in College and received the Drachenwald Service away for founding the Shire of Ma’ale Giborim (Israel) which is now defunct. I am also the person who created the initial East Kingdom Website. I started getting back into the SCA about 2 years with an attempt to revive the shire in Israel and then when I moved back to the USA.

His Project: Still working on the details, but I am working on an outfit based on a group portrait of a civic guild in Amsterdam in 1588, based on pictures at the Rijksmuseum. The actual outfit will probably be a mix of details from several of the figures in that painting. The doublet and trousers will be made of wool (Colors TBD, based on what I have in my stash and what I can find locally) https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/collection/SK-C-378 My persona has been based on the relative tolerance of the Netherlands for some years. It was at the time a pretty decent place to be Jewish. I have actually visited the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam on several occasions, which was built about 100 years later. This is similar to the style I have done for some time, but will hopefully be done better.

Final Photos

His final thoughts on his C3 Experience:

Thank you for hosting this, I had a great deal of fun. I wish I had someone else to do a better photo shoot, but I didn’t have anyone local

Layer 1

doublet, trousers and hat, Based on various paintings from the netherlands in the 1590’s. Not an exact reproduction of an outfit

Layer 2

Off white jerkin with inkle woven trim.

Layer 3

Cloak, of wool with a modern fabric lining. Based on a cloak in patterns of fashion 3 (Page 30) Original in the German National Museum,

Layer 4

Chanukah Menorah, made from self drying clay. Was used for all 8 nights of Chanukah with Olive Oil and wicks. Also tried lamp oil which burned way too fast.

Bonus Points

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