Intermediate · Modern Recreationist · Modern Recreationist Intermediate

Zafara Baabur

Location: Barony of the Lonely Tower, Calontir

Category/Level: Modern Recreationist/Intermediate

About Zafara: I have been in the SCA since 1999. I have been hand sewing mundanely for a long time, having started in doing costuming for a college Shakespeare performance, to working in alterations for a bridal shop, to making simple dresses and costumes for my kids. I worked in the Tailor’s tent at Lilies for a few years and enjoyed making garb for other people. My difficulty though has been making garb for myself and putting together a completed/whole outfit. It is my hope that this challenge will give me the ability to finally make a completed persona outfit.

Her Project: Dalmatia had 7 specific zones, and clothing varied region to region, especially during the late 14th thru 15th century. I have not yet narrowed down what region I will be doing because it will depend on cost of materials. This will be an outfit that would have been worn by a middle class Lady.

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