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Zaneta Baseggio

Location: Axed Root, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Intermediate

About Zaneta: I have been in the SCA for about nine years now. I normally play as a 15th century Venetian woman. Other days, I play at being a 10th century Norwegian. While I have been making garb since I started, I almost never manage to get extra details done – embroidery, shoes, hair coverings, etc – especially for my Venetian outfits. I am hoping to be able to create a complete outfit from head to toe. Making pants will be especially challenging for me. While I can make Thorsberg trousers for my husband without much problem, I have never been able to successfully create pants for myself. I attempted a pair of venetian under drawers (shorts) one time and almost stopped sewing – it was that bad. So this challenge should help me overcome some of my mental blocks about garb making.

Her Project: I will be making an outfit that would have been worn by a man in 1490’s Venice. It will be based off of figures in Vittore Carpaccio’s paintings – The Miracle of the Cross at the Ponte di Rialto (also known as “The Healing of the Madman”), and The Departure of the Pilgrims (from the St. Ursula cycle). I have been wearing Norse and generic 14th century clothing for a while and I would like to get back to being Italian. My outfit will consist of the following: Layer 1 – Camisa or undershirt Layer 2 – Zupon, sleeves, and hose Layer 3 – Mantello or caxacha, like a coat Layer 4 – Possibly shoes, hat, or hat pendant

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