Beginner · Historic Beginner · Historically Focused

Guy Chadwick von Drusselstein

Location: Gorsaf Fford, Calontir

Category/Level: Historically Focused/Beginner (Display Only)

About Guy: Guy is looking to break out of the box that he’s been in for 30 years. He wants to flex his muscles in new and intriguing ways. To synergize his assets because he knows content is king. He’s recently relocated to Gorsaf Fford from Stumblegimp, Drusselstein, but now he’s ready to make a mark for himself apart from his old squiremate Francois, who everyone liked better and got all the accolades for whatever reason. But that’s all different now!

His Project: Best in Breed 13th century French/English. He’s Display only because he doesn’t want his awesome to melt your face. He’s got fabric. And scissors. And a sewing machine. All the things he needs to destroy Francois at the next event is in his grasp. Not that Francois will know, but Guy will know… and that’s all that matters.

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