The Calontir Clothing Challenge (C3) is now complete. Below is a list of the winners in each division.

In addition, we would like to thank all the Judges who took the time to review the finished projects so we could announce winners:

  • Minamoto no Hideaki- Lochac
  • Magdalena Lucia Ramberti – Artemisia
  • Countess Elena del Mar – Calontir
  • Liriel Correll – Calontir
  • Baroness Amani ibn Mashaal al-Sabti – Atlantia
  • Catalina de Arazuri – Calontir
  • Magistra Beatriz Aluares de la Oya – Atlantia
  • Catrijn vanden Westhende – Calontir
  • Eva Celensoen – Calontir
  • Ki no Kotori – Calontir
  • Marie Lefaivre – Calontir
  • Susanna d’Arbe – Calontir
  • Vincent de Vere – Calontir
  • Giovanni Loredan – Calontir
  • Kristine Nic Tallier – Calontir

Thank you from the admins for a wonderful challenge. We hope you all keep creating long after we can get together again

Kristine Nic Tallier

Axed Root, Calontir

Zaneta Baseggio

Axed Root, Calontir

Vincent de Vere

Axed Root, Calontir

Giovanni Loredan

Axed Root, Calontir

We would like to thank the Realm of Venus for kindly allowing us to borrow the IRCC format to complete this competition.

This competition, webpage, and contents are an unofficial SCA activity and site.

If you have more questions about the C3 challenge, please see our FAQ Page.

About Us

The Calontir Clothing Challenge (C3) is the brainchild of HL Zaneta Baseggio and was gleefully run with by Calontir’s KMoAS Kristine Nic Tallier.