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This form is slightly different from the Monthly/Layer check ins. We encourage you to use the information and FAQ below the form link on the Check in page to answer questions before reaching out to the admin team. It has been updated for the current form

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C3 Finishers!

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The sign up window for the C3 has closed. No additional official entrants will be accepted. Thanks for your interest and good luck to all the entrants!!

We would like to thank the Realm of Venus for kindly allowing us to borrow the IRCC format to complete this competition.

This competition, webpage, and contents are an unofficial SCA activity and site.

If you have more questions about the C3 challenge, please see our FAQ Page.

About Us

The Calontir Clothing Challenge (C3) is the brainchild of HL Zaneta Baseggio and was gleefully run with by Calontir’s KMoAS Kristine Nic Tallier.